Snow Photos Tips – how to take gorgeous photos of your family


We have already had a sprinkling of snow and are forecast more. If we do get a large flurry and wake up to a winter wonderland you won’t be able to resist taking some photos.

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If you have children get them wrapped up warm and head outside with your camera in the morning or afternoon, avoiding the midday sun which may still be bright this time of year.

Taking snowy pictures can present two difficulties – overexposed due to so much bright white, or dull and cold so needing some extra warmth.

Here are my top tips for taking photos in the snow:

  1. If it is overcast set your white-balance to shady or cloudy. This will add some extra ‘yellow’ warmth and stop the snow looking blue. If you do not have a DSLR you can adjust this when editing afterwards.
  2. If it is sunny face people towards the sun to light up their faces in a portrait, or with the sun behind them for a glowing light.
  3. Get down low – be prepared to get wet knees and get down low onto your child’s level. Try to take your photos at their eye level for beautiful portraits and then play around with other angles.
  4. If you are using your DSLR you may be able to select a ‘snow’ scene mode. Alternatively use sport mode to capture children running or portrait mode if they are standing or sitting still. You may need to use exposure compensation if your camera produces an image which is too bright or too dull. If you know more about your DSLR you could use Aperture or Shutter priority and I would use my 50mm or 80mm lens.
  5. Think about composition. Let the snow be your backdrop so change your position to avoid cars, buildings and lamp posts!

If you would like to learn more about how to take great photos and use your DSLR click here to find out more about my workshops and training courses. March and April dates soon to be released.

If you take some snowy pictures so share them with me at and on instagram with the hashtag #VBowdenSnow


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