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There is no hiding the fact that the market is saturated with photographers at the moment, you are truly spoilt for choice. It’s no bad thing, we all have different tastes, styles, budgets and preferences. So let me talk to you a little bit about how you might find the one that is right for you.

Here are some things to consider when researching and booking a photo session:

Purpose – What is the reason you want a photoshoot? Is it to have images which can be given as a gift to a family member? Is it to create beautiful wall art for your home? Is it to capture this stage or your life or a special event? Whatever your reason, this will be a big factor in the style of photography which you may be choosing.

Style – Studio photography can be well suited to clean, crisp images with a plain background, ideal for more formal and posed photos which grandparents often love. Lifestyle photography is in our natural environment such as your home or outdoors. The photographer often makes suggestions and gently guides the session to create natural looking images. Documentary photography is not directed or posed in any way. It is a true account of what is happening, as it happens. I am a lifestyle photographer with some elements of documentary photography on some shoots. This allows me to watch your relationships and connections as you interact with me and your family. Real emotions as you make new memories.

Budget – Photoshoots in the Buckinghamshire area can vary from £30 to over £500. You need to consider this as an investment and keep in mind that the quality will vary. As a photographer, I can share with you that a lot goes on behind the scenes with post production whilst editing your images and producing galleries and then wall art or albums. It is an expensive business to run with equipment and running costs, our prices are not plucked out of the air. If you are looking for high quality images and prints or wall art that will come from a professional level camera and professional print labs. When you make your enquiries make sure you find out what is included in your session. Does the price include any prints or digital images? Is there a minimum spend requirement on products from your gallery? Don’t be afraid to ask about different packages to find the one which best suits your needs and budget. All of my packaged include some digital images and then there are choices for prints, photo books and other products.

Editing – There are so many editing styles and you should be able to get a good idea of what to expect by viewing a photographer’s website or portfolio. You may already know that you want bright an airy images or dark and moody. Black and white or matte finish? There are so many choices and your photographer will have their own editing style so make sure you are on the same page so that you are not disappointed when you view your gallery. Some things can’t be changed in post production as it is controlled in the camera within the composition of the shot.

I hope this helps you as your navigate your way through recommendations and reviews. The right photographer for you is certainly out there. If you feel that it could be me then please get in touch for a phone call or email where I can answer any of your questions.

Get in touch here. Vicki x


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