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I am Vicki, a mum of two, married and living in beautiful Wendover. I have always been local to Bucks and for 12 years I was a Primary Teacher before launching my photography business.

After my first child I found the time demands of management within a school too much and was not spending enough time with my gorgeous little boy. So I began my exit plan and three years later, prior to having my second baby, I was able to step aside from teaching to focus full-time on my growing business.

I am a big believer in stepping out of the mould and finding what makes you happy. Fast forward another year and my little girl has just had her first birthday and business is in full swing! Lets then just breeze past 2020 and lockdown as let’s face it, I wasn’t able to be in your homes photographing your beautiful babies.

Let’s rewind a bit more…

I am someone who has always had a camera in her hand since the really basic digital cameras came out when I was a child. I am also a people pleaser and very emotional! This means I love to photograph people…landscapes, not so much!

I have always made and annotated photo albums as I grew up and have always been quite ‘techy’. I loved art but couldn’t paint or draw so found my creativity being channelled through technology. As my family grew I couldn’t help but want to capture every minute of it, no matter how imperfect.

My style has developed to be ‘lifestyle’ photography although with my own family it is often more documentary as I don’t tend to direct or guide them so much.

If you are looking to have moments of your family life captured to treasure then why not contact me for a phone call? I would love to hear more about your family and come to join in the fun or chaos!

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Small Moments – Big Memories

Thank you to Sarah Greer Photography for photographing my newborn moments allowing me to be on the other side of the camera creating my own moments.


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